Mighty Hook’s Innovative 3D Modeling Sets the Pace for Our Industry

COVID-19 has changed the way many businesses operate, and Mighty Hook is no exception. As a result, we now use 3D modeling for custom engineered hanging, racking and masking solutions. This transition has been incredibly successful for our customers, and puts us at the forefront of innovation, in a position that our competitors simply can’t match. Here’s a look at how we’ve changed and the latest way we’ve come together to advance your coating line.

The Traditional Approach
Previously, customers would visit our facility or we would visit theirs. After thoroughly understanding their goals, our expert engineers would measure, spec and create a prototype and iterations until they identified the ideal method for building the part. We’d send a graphic representation, then ship the prototype for testing. As needed, we’d make iterations until the customer was completely satisfied.

The Virtual 3D Process
Today, as we continue follow COVID-19 guidelines, most of our engineers work from home and use 3D modeling to create speed and cost-saving advantages that were previously impossible.

Almost immediately, we can design and build the product virtually. We start by developing a 3D model that shows the actual parts on the mechanism. In real time and with precise detail, this model shows how a part goes on the line before it ever touches the rack. We also place a representation of a six-foot person in the frame, and configure the dimensions of the line to this figure. From an ergonomic standpoint, we can show how a person would load the part and other products. We can even move the figure around to show how a person would load hanging racks, and more.

Custom parts that used to take weeks now take far less time. Once the drawing is refined and our customer is satisfied, we can go straight to production. Time and cost for shipping and prototyping are drastically reduced, there are additional savings on the hanging and material handling side, customers can get up and running faster, and there’s no travel or downtime. Simply put, 3D modeling makes it easier for customers to understand how the rack, hook, material holding carts and other components will fit and operate on their line. It’s amazing to be able to refine the final product before actually cutting any metal.

Now It’s Your Turn
Three-dimensional modeling offers tremendous time and cost-saving opportunities for any powder coater—especially those with remote or rural locations, thousands of SKUs, facilities outside the U.S., and those facing tight timelines. To experience how we can come together to create solutions for efficiency and give your business a competitive edge, talk to us today.