• Spotlight's On Kim Kozil

    The Scoop at the Hook

    Spotlight's On Kim Kozil

    Kim Kozil

    As you saw in the last two editions of “The Scoop at the Hook”, we have quite a few Mighty Hook veterans among us and 2018 has been the year to bring them out. This month, we celebrate the 21-year anniversary of our good friend and purchaser, Kim Kozil.

    Kim got her foot in the door early at Mighty Hook. Before her, Kim’s mother sat in the office manager position and Kim would often come to visit. It wasn’t long before she found herself working at Mighty Hook, taking over administrative tasks and assisting with day-to-day functions in the office. After several years, Kim took over the purchasing position which she holds to this day. Read on to hear all about Kim’s time at Mighty Hook!

    Thank you for being part of the Mighty Hook family! Speaking of family, it seems your own family has a history at Mighty Hook. Your mother use to work for Mighty Hook and introduced you to the company. How did she get you involved?

    Thirty years ago, my mother was the office manager and secretary at Mighty Hook, and I was a teenager looking to earn some extra cash. The office staff was small and technology was an after-thought at that point. My mom was tied up running the office, multi-tasking, which left minimal time for filing needs and other administrative duties. Eventually, she asked the owner if my sister and I could come visit a few days a week, as needed, to help her complete regular necessary tasks. He approved the request and that’s when I found myself at Mighty Hook.

    What made you decide to move into the purchasing department?

    Business was picking up. We needed more and more help in the office, so I was eventually asked to move into a sales position. I was still helping with administrative duties and even in the shipping department from time to time. As business continued to grow and our needs in the office increased, we created a purchasing department and I was asked to move in. I have always considered myself good at comparing and negotiating prices, and finding the best deals, so I was drawn to the work. After all, I love to shop – it comes naturally!

    We are all very grateful for your years of hard work and good spirit. What accomplishment or personal growth have you made in the last 20 years at Mighty Hook that you are most proud of?

    I always want to try new things, whether it be learning new technology or taking on an unfamiliar job or task. I always want to grow rather than be stuck in a certain routine or mindset. I push myself and I am determined to be the best I can be while I am here.

    You are always so cheerful and at ease whenever we see you. You must have a pretty good after-hours routine. What do you like to do with your free time outside of Mighty Hook?

    Outside of the office, I love to play softball, watch football, and spend time with my family. I have been blessed with a wonderful job, the *best* coworkers, and a loving family, so it is easy for me to stay happy.

    Thank you for your story with us today. If you could offer any advice or words of wisdom to our readers – work or life-related – what would it be?

    Have passion - have drive - have commitment. Set your goals, reach for them, and go beyond them so that you may reach your true potential.

  • Crossbars for PowderPeg Rack

    Crossbars for your PowderPeg Rack

    Ready to load your PowderPeg Rack (PPG) rack but wondering which crossbars to use? Take a look at the wide variety of crossbars featured on our website.

    Here are just a few of our crossbars and their unique features:

    • The TSR-Bar-PP Crossbar’s enclosed design prevents coating from interfering with grounding. Internal grounding also means less frequent stripping.
    • The PP-X Bar LT Crossbar has stainless steel hooks spot-welded to create a box-like construction, giving it superior strength and the durability to survive repeated stripping.
    • The Z-Bar-PP-LT Crossbar is built for modularity! Our steel Z-hooks can be locked into any position on this slotted crossbar to eliminate wasted space and empty hang points.

    Want to see all our crossbar options for the Powder Peg Rack? We offer crossbars for light and heavy-duty usage, plus other specialty varieties such as the Arrow, Rod and Tube, and W crossbars. Don’t see exactly what you’re looking for? Contact our engineers and we will work with you to design and produce the right crossbars for you.

    What are you waiting for? Get hooked on our crossbars today! Click here to get your Mighty solution!

  • Spotlight’s On Eugenio Santana

    The Scoop at the Hook

    Spotlight’s On Eugenio Santana

    2018 has been a very special year for employee celebrations at Mighty Hook. As you read in the July edition of “The Scoop @ the Hook”, we recently celebrated the 20-year anniversary of our plant manager, Sergio Rivera. But hang on! Mr. Rivera isn’t the only employee marking their many years of service with Mighty Hook. This month, we celebrate the 20-year anniversary of customer service representative, Eugenio Santana.

    Whenever you call to order your much-needed hanging and masking solutions, you are setting yourself up to receive both the high-quality products and world-class customer service that you expect from Mighty Hook. Eugenio has always been a caring and determined customer service representative. He is quick to find solutions that will help you to carry out your job at the best price. You may not know it, but Eugenio has not always been part of the customer service team during his time at Mighty Hook. Read on below to hear more about Eugenio’s story.


    Every morning, I have the pleasure of walking into the office and hearing your bright and chipper “Hello!” as I walk by. You have been serving some mighty “Hello’s” for 20 years, but not always in the customer service department. Where did you first start when you joined Mighty Hook 20 years ago?

    I started working in the welding department. Eventually, I was brought in to help with hand bending. After 1 year, I switched into a position in the shipping department, where I spent 12 years. After that, I was offered a position in the Customer Service department where I have now served for 7 years.

    What made you decide to switch to Customer Service?

    After 10 years, I had learned a lot about our products. That made me feel like a good candidate for the position, so when it became available and I was offered the job, I said, “Yes!”

    What do you find most fulfilling about your current role in customer service? What do you think is the most important work you do in this role?

    I like to help our customers select the best product at a reasonable price. The most important part of my job is making sure our customers can get done what they need to, and knowing that I can help with that is something I enjoy.

    You’ve been through a lot and learned so much over the last 20 years. What is some advice – work or life-related – that you would like to pass on to us?

    Be self-motivating and pay attention to detail. It is the easiest way to succeed and avoid mistakes. Also, you must enjoy something to be the best at it, so love what you do and do what you love.

  • Heavy Duty Hooks

    Heavy Duty Hooks

    Looking for something with the strength to hold your heaviest parts? Our Heavy-Duty Hooks are extremely strong, utilizing our classic industrial hook designs with extra thickness and durability.

    Heavy-Duty Hooks are available in S, C, or V-style; flat or 90° orientation; and can be custom made in any length from .312” - 1.00” diameter round or square steel. The stock material for these hooks is C-1018 round steel, but they can be made in stainless steel, round, square or hexagon material. We are happy to help you find a hook that will stand to hold the weight of your parts. Need a hook that isn’t in our catalog? We will engineer a custom hook to meet your specific needs.

    Don’t settle for hooks that can’t hold up to heavy. Click here to get your Mighty solution today!

  • Hanging Around with the Mighty Hook Staff

    Hanging Around with the Mighty Hook Staff

    All work and no play makes us all a bit duller, right? We work hard to bring you the best quality service and product that you expect (and deserve!) from Mighty Hook, but sometimes, we need to shake loose from our daily grind.

    Check it out! In the last few months, we have hosted a company-wide BBQ; attended the Chicago Cubs vs. Colorado Rockies baseball game (Go Cubs!); and participated in the CCAI Northern Illinois Chapter Annual Golf Outing at Blackberry Oaks Golf Course in Bristol, IL (shout out to Kim K. for winning Women’s Longest Drive!) We hope you are having as good a summer as we are!

    “Hang in There!”

    - The MH Family

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