• The Custom Racking Solution For You

    The Custom Racking Solution For You

    Custom Coating Racks: Custom liquid coating racks, custom powder coating racks, custom paint racks, and other hanger tooling solutions from the experts at Mighty Hook

    Mighty Hook makes Batch Racks, Powder Peg Racks, and everything in between. If you don’t see what you’re looking for on our website, your search for the perfect product shouldn’t stop there. We have decades of archived designs, so your perfect solution is just an email or phone call away.

    We design and manufacture our products in-house, so in addition to being North America’s largest distributor of hooks, racks, and masking products, we’re experts on everything we sell. If you’re looking for a custom or semi-custom racking design, look no further than our engineering team with a combined 100+ years of industry experience.

    We specialize in designs that meet ALL your requirements, not just the functional ones. We’ll happily design around any cost constraints while finding the best custom racking solution possible to meet your needs.

    Your complete satisfaction is our ultimate goal. When we explore racking options, we carefully tailor our approach to your specific needs. We take pride in our products and are confident that the longer you use them, the more impressed you’ll be with how they make your day-to-day operations easier.

    If you already have a racking design you’re happy with, let us make it for you! Typically within 24 hours, our engineering staff can provide you with a quotation for prototype and production runs with our specially designed quoting software.

    If you are looking to increase racking efficiency and coating line productivity, give us a call or visit our contact page.

  • Spotlight's On Leigh Baird

    The Scoop at the Hook

    Spotlight's On Leigh Baird

    Leigh Baird, Customer Service Manager at Mighty Hook, the best resource for custom hanger tooling solutions

    Mighty Hook has a close-knit group of great employees. As you have recently read, several of those employees have been with the company for many years. From day-to-day, we follow our routine - good morning hello’s and fresh cups of coffee, followed by a few hours of meetings and focused productivity. Our work day is broken up by casual lunch breaks and friendly chitter chatter amongst staff, all before getting back to the grind, and ending the day with the shuffling of feet, hearty goodbye’s, and “see you tomorrow’s”. For another day, our hard work has been complimented by the good character that breathes throughout the company.

    When the rare occasion comes that a new character joins the group, we get excited for the possibility of bettering business, operation, and ourselves as a team. The introduction of this new member breathes hope into the bunch as they bring with them fresh perspective, drive, and personality.

    In March of this year, we welcomed the arrival of our new Customer Service Manager, Leigh Baird.

    Leigh has been everything we could have hoped for in a CS manager. She is thorough, organized, kind, and has a great sense of humor. She is an incredible listener and team player, and she is always willing to help find the solution to the problem. Read on below to hear Leigh’s story!

    We are so happy to have you as part of the Mighty Hook family! What drew you to Mighty Hook initially?

    One of the things that drew me to Mighty Hook was its size. For the past 10 years, I have worked for large corporations and felt more like a number than a part of a team. I have felt like a member of the team from day 1 at Mighty Hook and that’s been such a great experience.

    Have you always worked in customer service? What do you like most about role as the customer service manager?

    I have always had some type of role in customer service. I really like the interaction you get to have with your customers and building relationships with them. I have customers from my first job that still send Christmas cards every year.

    What have you enjoyed most about your time working at Mighty Hook?

    Everyone has been so welcoming and helpful in my first six months. I really enjoy coming to work each day, which is something not everyone gets to say. I feel very fortunate to have found such a good match.

    We know your many talents within the scope of your job description. What are you passionate about outside of work? What are some of your natural talents?

    Outside of work, I love both cooking and traveling. They, of course, go really well together. I love going places and experiencing them more like a local. Finding a great hole-in-the-wall restaurant or coming across a cool flea market. Getting suggestions from the people that live there has brought me to some of my favorite meals and experiences. Then it’s fun trying to replicate those meals when you get home.

    If you could offer any advice or words of wisdom to our readers – life- or work-related – what would it be?

    Don’t sweat the small stuff. In work and life, don’t let the little things that are out of your control take over.

  • Solve Your Rotational Part Issues

    Solve Your Rotational Part Issues

    Most coating operations benefit from hanging product within the horizontal and vertical plane of the conveyor, making coating, loading, and unloading of parts relatively straightforward. However, there are instances where this is not practical. In many of these instances, a process of rotation or repositioning of the product is required for either proper coating coverage or to simplify the loading and unloading process.

    The most common applications requiring rotation or hanger repositioning include:

    • Load, unload, or transfer from a single side of the conveyor
    • Spraying both sides of a rack from a single side of the booth
    • Spraying geometrically challenging parts
    • Continuous rotation of cylindrical parts in a booth
    • Preventing rack-to-rack contact in accumulation zones
    • Close pack arrangement in ovens of P & F systems
    • Improved spray access to transverse mounted racks
    • Increased clearance of parts on inclines and declines

    Standard Rotation Options

    Skate Wheel Rotator and Cast Metal Rotator - some of the custom externally powered rotator and hanger tooling solutions offered by Mighty Hook

    The first four applications listed above represent almost 80 percent of applications for custom coating and OEM requirements. To provide required rotation, rotators or indexers are commonly used. The simplest and most familiar rotator is the “skate wheel,” which turns freely and is usually actuated manually by hand. These are sometimes fitted with a sprocket and can be friction-actuated by a track. The main benefit of this type of rotator is that it is usually the least expensive and typically “in stock.” Yet, it has a limited weight load capacity and sometimes the fact that it can “freely” rotate anywhere can become a problem.

    Another standard option in the industry is a cast metal rotator that utilizes a small detent to provide an indexing function at 90-degree increments. Its limitations are weight load capacity and that the degree of detent does not control free movements in other areas of the coating system. Controlling this detent can be accomplished with a slightly more customized rotator utilizing a bent (press broken) stainless steel washer saddled by two stainless pins. By adjusting the bend angle of the washer, the amount of force of actuation can be controlled.

    Powered Rotation Options

    In some instances, applications can be modified for powered actuation. There are typically two types of “powered” rotation applications: friction-driven and motor-driven. Friction-driven utilizes friction created between the moving rotator and a stationary actuation track attached to the conveyor. In either case, the speed of rotation is determined by the operating speed of the conveyor. Friction-driven rotation is appropriate when there is sufficient coating application equipment proportional to the necessary length of travel and/or the control of rotation is not a critical element to the process.

    There are many applications where simple friction rotation will not do the trick. For example, in electrostatic porcelain powder applications, the high specific gravity of the applied material reduces the powder adhesion characteristics. Any sudden force may cause the powder to “avalanche” off. This potentially tricky situation is ever present at the curing transfer station. When rack elements and contact with the part are less secure due to the preferred hang method, the speed of the conveyor line may also work against friction. High velocity rotation with a sudden stop can cause the part to fly off.

    In these instances, a more inventive approach is likely needed. A proven technique is implementing a torpedo style rotator with a cycloidal track. A torpedo rotator is designed with two angular, “torpedo” elements mounted with the top element parallel and the bottom lateral to the conveyor. This results in consistently smooth and reliable actuation.

      Externally Powered Rotators

    Finish reading this full article at CEO Scott Rempala’s LinkedIn page, here.

  • Spotlight's On Kim Kozil

    The Scoop at the Hook

    Spotlight's On Kim Kozil

    Kim Kozil, Purchaser at Mighty Hook, the best resource for coating hooks and racks, including custom coating racks and custom paint hooks

    As you saw in the last two editions of “The Scoop at the Hook”, we have quite a few Mighty Hook veterans among us and 2018 has been the year to bring them out. This month, we celebrate the 21-year anniversary of our good friend and purchaser, Kim Kozil.

    Kim got her foot in the door early at Mighty Hook. Before her, Kim’s mother sat in the office manager position and Kim would often come to visit. It wasn’t long before she found herself working at Mighty Hook, taking over administrative tasks and assisting with day-to-day functions in the office. After several years, Kim took over the purchasing position which she holds to this day. Read on to hear all about Kim’s time at Mighty Hook!

    Thank you for being part of the Mighty Hook family! Speaking of family, it seems your own family has a history at Mighty Hook. Your mother use to work for Mighty Hook and introduced you to the company. How did she get you involved?

    Thirty years ago, my mother was the office manager and secretary at Mighty Hook, and I was a teenager looking to earn some extra cash. The office staff was small and technology was an after-thought at that point. My mom was tied up running the office, multi-tasking, which left minimal time for filing needs and other administrative duties. Eventually, she asked the owner if my sister and I could come visit a few days a week, as needed, to help her complete regular necessary tasks. He approved the request and that’s when I found myself at Mighty Hook.

    What made you decide to move into the purchasing department?

    Business was picking up. We needed more and more help in the office, so I was eventually asked to move into a sales position. I was still helping with administrative duties and even in the shipping department from time to time. As business continued to grow and our needs in the office increased, we created a purchasing department and I was asked to move in. I have always considered myself good at comparing and negotiating prices, and finding the best deals, so I was drawn to the work. After all, I love to shop – it comes naturally!

    We are all very grateful for your years of hard work and good spirit. What accomplishment or personal growth have you made in the last 20 years at Mighty Hook that you are most proud of?

    I always want to try new things, whether it be learning new technology or taking on an unfamiliar job or task. I always want to grow rather than be stuck in a certain routine or mindset. I push myself and I am determined to be the best I can be while I am here.

    You are always so cheerful and at ease whenever we see you. You must have a pretty good after-hours routine. What do you like to do with your free time outside of Mighty Hook?

    Outside of the office, I love to play softball, watch football, and spend time with my family. I have been blessed with a wonderful job, the *best* coworkers, and a loving family, so it is easy for me to stay happy.

    Thank you for your story with us today. If you could offer any advice or words of wisdom to our readers – work or life-related – what would it be?

    Have passion - have drive - have commitment. Set your goals, reach for them, and go beyond them so that you may reach your true potential.

  • Crossbars for PowderPeg Rack

    Crossbars for your PowderPeg Rack

    Powder Peg Crossbars from Mighty Hook: TSR crossbars with hooks, Z crossbars with hooks, X crossbars with hooks, Arrow crossbars with hooks, W crossbars, Tube crossbars, and Rod crossbars

    Ready to load your PowderPeg Rack (PPG) rack but wondering which crossbars to use? Take a look at the wide variety of crossbars featured on our website.

    Here are just a few of our crossbars and their unique features:

    • The TSR-Bar-PP Crossbar’s enclosed design prevents coating from interfering with grounding. Internal grounding also means less frequent stripping.
    • The PP-X Bar LT Crossbar has stainless steel hooks spot-welded to create a box-like construction, giving it superior strength and the durability to survive repeated stripping.
    • The Z-Bar-PP-LT Crossbar is built for modularity! Our steel Z-hooks can be locked into any position on this slotted crossbar to eliminate wasted space and empty hang points.

    Want to see all our crossbar options for the Powder Peg Rack? We offer crossbars for light and heavy-duty usage, plus other specialty varieties such as the Arrow, Rod and Tube, and W crossbars. Don’t see exactly what you’re looking for? Contact our engineers and we will work with you to design and produce the right crossbars for you.

    What are you waiting for? Get hooked on our crossbars today! Click here to get your Mighty solution!

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