Vented Flangeless Plugs

Vented Flangeless Plugs

Vented Flangeless Plugs

The Vented Flangless Plug's advanced design with a vent at the top of the plug eliminates pressure buildup between the plug and the part. The improved flange design makes it perfect for masking lead threads and it's tapered shape is flexible for masking multiple diameters. This plug is also designed to reduce paint buildup between the plug and the part.

Recommended for use in Powder Coating, Liquid Coating, E-Coating, Anodizing and Plating. The plug will withstand 600° F (350° C). The high-grade silicone product is re-usable, will not migrate, melt or harden. Color coded for easy identification. Please contact us to request a sample or to inquire about custom or other non-listed sizes.

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VFPM-1 Sm. Diameter 0.145" Lg. Diameter 0.280" Length 0.80" Fits M6/M8 Color: Yellow; Box Qty: 500
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VFPM-2 Sm. Diameter 0.305" Lg. Diameter 0.412" Length 0.80" Fits M10/M12 Color: Red; Qty: 500
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VFPM-3 Sm. Diameter 0.480" Lg. Diameter 0.585" Length 0.80" Fits M14/M16 Color: Green; Box Qty: 250
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VFPM-4 Sm. Diameter 0.600" Lg. Diameter 0.718" Length 0.80" Fits M18/M20 Color: Black; Box Qty: 100
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