Panel Hangers

Panel Hangers

Panel Hangers

Standard Panel Hangers (PH)

0.120" cold-rolled sheet metal, with three different suspension holes at various distances for a normal wire hook. Metal sheets with a thickness of up to 0.080" can be suspended at one end, while 0.157" sheets can be suspended at the other end. The total length of the panel hanger is 4". They can also be manufactured in other lengths, depending on your hanging needs.

Standard Panel Clamps (PC)

This spring stainless steel clamp can be attached to a product, which can be suspended from one of the holes in the clamp. Primarily intended for products that have no suitable holes for suspension.

PC1 is designed to hang materials ranging in thickness from approximately 25 gauge (0.022) to 14 gauge (0.078).

PC2 is designed to hang materials ranging in thickness from 13 gauge (0.094) to 9 gauge (0.156).

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PH100 0.120" Sheet Hanger (50 pcs) Click to Order
PC1 Stainless Steel Clamp for 0.0196" - 0.079" (50 pcs) Click to Order
PC2 Stainless Steel Clamp for 0.0394" - 0.098" (pcs) Click to Order
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