Arrow Crossbars

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Brand new and unique, the Mighty Hook Arrow Bar™ is an arrow crossbar engineered to hang both lightweight and heavy products that cannot be securely held by conventional hook/hanging methods in powder coating, liquid coating and e-coating applications.

Durable and engineered with a low profile, the laser cut arrow crossbar design allows for hanging from a variety of contact areas. The angle design virtually eliminates tilting or swinging of the part during finishing, and gravity essentially locks the product on. The Arrow Bar™ is designed with an alternate forming pattern that allows products to be held on both sides of the arrow crossbar. This product can be customized to fit any existing racking system. Stocked in 3 lengths; 25", 30" and 40" lengths and designed with standard 2" alternate spacing for maximizing density. Arrow Bar™ concept can also be custom manufactured for specific applications.