Grounding Tester

Grounding Tester

Grounding Tester

This easy to use grounding tester is battery operated and will determine if your hooks and racks are sufficiently grounded. Attach the terminal clip to the grounding point, and then simply point the tester at the product to be coated and press the button. There are 5 possible results, ranging from 2 green lights as the best, to 2 red lights as the worst. The Grounding Tester takes out all of the guesswork, helping your coating line run more efficiently.

  • 2 Green = 10 K Ohm

  • 1 Green = 100 K Ohm

  • 1 Yellow = 1 M Ohm

  • 1 Red = 10 M Ohm

  • 2 Red = 20 M Ohm

The Green lights indicate that there is a sufficient ground. The Yellow and Red lights signify an insufficient ground, and therefore the racks and hooks should be cleaned or replaced. This easy reading will create efficient improvement in any shop.

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CGTII Grounding Tester
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