Mighty Hook Announces New Website Launch

  Mighty Hook announces its brand new website to match its innovative, experienced, yet approachable culture. Mighty Hook designs and manufactures reliable and economical hanging solutions with the largest and most diverse line of hanging and masking products for the industrial coating industry. MightyHook.com is now mobile friendly and provides a superior user experience when buying products for powder coating systems or searching for hanging and masking needs. Searching and specifying is now easier than ever before. Customers can narrow down their search to the exact product or set of products the shop needs for the job. Additionally, customers enquiring about custom solutions will be able to obtain more information and easily get in touch with Mighty Hook to discuss specific needs and how Mighty Hook can meet them. The site’s new ecommerce system for ordering and purchasing has been updated for improved functionality to meet the needs of customers. Users can create their own account to personalize their shopping experience and can create a “wish list” to track and compare their needed items. Simpler navigation and filtering for products makes for a smoother shopping experience. Click here to create an account and begin shopping for your hanging solutions. For more information on Mighty Hook, visit the main page of the new site, here.   About Mighty Hook: Mighty Hook designs and manufactures reliable and economical hanging solutions for the industrial coating industry. Their mission is to provide customers with high-quality, innovative and cost-effective products that improve hanging productivity. For years, Mighty Hook has been an innovator in the design and construction of coating racks and hooks. They have gained experience and knowledge the hard way, by spending countless hours on their own powder coating line to achieve maximum line density and efficiency. This gives Mighty Hook the edge in the industry, and the engineering expertise to meet any shop's needs.