Custom Solutions


Our Approach

At Mighty Hook, we are dedicated to helping our customers maintain their competitive edge by increasing coating line productivity, improving their manufacturing processes, and streamlining their assembly line. We help them hang, rack, and mask more efficiently and ergonomically to save time and money. Our commitment to a successful customer experience and the realization of true value is unwavering.   How do we do that?  
No one knows your process and system better than you do. In order to fully understand and achieve your goal or solve your problem, our experienced engineering and sales professionals actively listen to you. We then gather any additional data or information that will help us effectively analyze your challenges, whether they are related to material handling, enhanced coating line productivity and throughput, improved safety and ergonomics, or refined practices and processes.   Our team of engineers and project managers draw on over 100 years of their combined experience, expert coating process knowledge, and innovative spirit, to develop and deliver the best process improvement solution possible. We are also ever mindful of budgetary and cost constraints, so we focus on designs that meet all your requirements, not just the functional ones. Have your own design? No problem! Our engineering staff will provide you with a production and/or manufacturing prototype quotation utilizing our custom designed quoting software, typically within 24 hours.   Upon approval of the design and/or quotation, our highly skilled manufacturing prototyping personnel will bring the design to life and provide you the opportunity to test it, in real time, in your own production environment to ensure it meets your needs. We believe that real-time testing is essential to success, and we also understand that sometimes it takes several iterations of prototypes to get it just right. This is just one example of our unwavering commitment to success.   Mighty Hook is one of North America’s largest and fully integrated manufacturers and distributors of hooks, racks, and masking products. Most of our competition does one or another, outsourcing much of their production requirements. However, Mighty Hook manufactures almost all of our products in our 50,000+ square foot facility in Chicago, Illinois, U.S.A. Our ERP and lean managed production, Central U.S. location, and proximity to the US’s 3rd largest logistics hub make us ideally suited to provide your coating line solution on time and on budget.   Your complete satisfaction is our ultimate goal. We focus on long-term relationships and creating real value for our customers. Your success is our reward.     Would you like to start increasing coating line productivity and improving your manufacturing process? Click here to contact Mighty Hook's engineering department.