Solid Wall Finishing – How It Works

Solid Wall Finishing – How It Works

In any plant where production finishing is performed, the line capacity can affect the final profit. Angle Pivot™ tooling provides an inexpensive way to increase profits without sacrificing quality; it does this by simply increasing the number of parts that can be finished in the same amount of space available. It also helps increase profits by reducing the amount of finishing materials lost through overspray. On new finishing line installations, the initial investment can be reduced by reducing the length of the line while maintaining the same desired production capability.


Conventionally mounted racks must be spaced apart so they don’t hit together on inclines and declines.

After – Up to 50% increased capacity

AP Conveyor’s solid wall finishing tool system easily adapts to any existing system within hours, and at a fraction of the cost of a new system. Racks turn sideways on inclines and declines so they won’t hit together.

Many overhead conveyor finishing lines require inclines or declines to accommodate space limitations or obstructions. Conventionally, parts or racks have had to be spaced apart to avoid touching on inclines or declines. This can be as much as 1/2 of the actual width of the part or rack. The patented Angle Pivot fixture is a simple add-on device that automatically rotates the part or rack using a combination of bearing action and gravity. As the parts or racks begin the incline or decline, they rotate up to 70 degrees to avoid touching. On returning to level they automatically rotate back to a solid face. No additional mechanical mechanism or assistance is required.

  • Angle Pivot™ System allows for closer rack positioning by closing the gaps between parts
  • Higher inclines/declines of up to 60 degrees are possible further reducing floor space required for the finishing line
  • With a solid wall of parts to finish, paint transfer efficiency is increased
  • More accurate spray gun-to-part spacing is possible
  • Conversion requires only 2 to 3 days on existing lines
  • Fast return on investment
  • Adapts to any existing or new system

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