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Compatability Guide

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WH-1U and WH-1V

Standard rotators swivel or rotate freely in either direction. Rotating mechanism incorporates a double ball bearing design. Top hooks are made from 0.236 diameter mild steel and bottom hooks are made from 0.188 mild steel and overall length is 4-1/2". Hanging capacity is in excess of 200 pounds. Stocked in "V" bottom (Wh-1V) and "U" bottom (WH-1U), see pricing below. Because we manufacture the rotators ourselves, custom lengths and hook configurations are available by custom order.

Rotators can be manufactured with Laser-cut or machined gears to provide smooth indexing where needed. Our engineers can assist you in a design that incorporates proper indexing for your requirements. Contact us to discuss your options.


WH-1U and WH-1V Prices

Part Number Description 25 ea. 100 ea. 500 ea. Qty
WH-1U 4.5"Long x 2"Wide U-Shape Bottom Rotator $4.86 $4.61 $4.37
WH-1V 4.5"Long x 2"Wide V-Shaped Bottom Rotator $4.86 $4.61 $4.37
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