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Z Base Oven Proof Batch Rack

The space saving mobile solution for staging, finishing and drying parts.

With an 850-Lb. load capacity and tolerance up to 500° F, the "Z BASE" batch rack provides a single solution for hanging, staging, and finishing parts for batch coating applications. The unique "Z-Base" designs allows multiple racks to nest together saving you valuable plant floor space. It also saves valuable labor time by moving from staging area to the spray booth to bake oven, without removing hanging parts. All racks come with a slotted hook holder. Add or subtract hang bars to adjust to the size of the parts you are finishing.

Rack Construction: 12 gauge steel construction with a base of 1-1/2" Sq. tubing with a black powder coat finish. The hang bars and uprights are 1-5/16" round tubing, galvanized steel. Wheels are 4" X 1 3/8" glass filled swivel stem casters, rated to 475° F intermittent and 450° F sustained. Stock heights: 66" to 90" H. Stock lengths: 63" or 75" L. Custom sizes available on special order.


  • STEERING HANDLE KIT-Includes front and back steering handles for greater control of heavy loads. Mechanically attach anywhere along the uprights.
  • BRZ-RAIL, HOOK HOLDER and HARDWARE-Mechanically attach anywhere along the uprights. Hook holder and all necessary hardware included. Available in 51", 63" and 75" sizes
  • WHEEL BRAKES-Step on wheel brakes attach to the 4" casters of the rack. Heat resistant to 500 degrees F.


Z Base Oven Proof Batch Rack Prices

Part Number Description Pricing Qty
BRZ-51L66H 51" Long x 66" High x 22" Wide $277.15
BRZ-51L78H 51" Long x 78" High x 22" Wide $288.25
BRZ-63L66H 63" Long x 66" High x 22" Wide $277.15
BRZ-63L78H 63" Long x 78" High x 22" Wide $288.25
BRZ-63L90H 63" Long x 90" High x 22" Wide $299.40
BRZ-75L66H 75" Long x 66" High x 22" Wide $299.40
BRZ-75L90H 75" Long x 90" High x 22" Wide $329.20
BRZ-CASTER 4" x 1 3/8" Swivel Stern Casters - Thread Size of 1/2-13 $20.00
BRZ-WHEEL BRAKES Wheel Brakes Attach To The 4" Casters $5.60
BRZ-RAIL51 51" Long Second Rail $72.30
BRZ-RAIL63 63" Long Second Rail $74.35
BRZ-RAIL75 75" Long Second Rail $75.75
BRZ-STEERING HANDLE KIT Includes Front and Back Steering Handles $61.25
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