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Slip Rack

Another low cost rack design from the leader in hanging technology!

The Slip Rack allows for good versatility and easy configuration for use in powder, liquid and e-coat applications. The male-to-female crossbar insertion method can be employed by either a frame as shown above or a stem design. Any standard Mighty Hook Crossbar can be constructed to fit the Slip Rack design to create maximum density, while allowing for flexibility in a high part variablity environment. See the above graphic to view some of the possible crossbar options.

The Slip Rack is affordably customized to the specific requirements for your coating application with short lead times. The Slip Rack frames can be made from a variety of materials, including; round wire, square wire and angle iron. The U-frame rack version can also be constructed as a one piece welded unit. The single center stem version can be constructed with a variety of top options to prevent swaying or pivoting when attached to conveyor or batch rack.

Contact one of our engineers to discuss the reqiurements of your operation and we will assist you in designing and manufacturing the proper rack for your environment.


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