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W-BAR-No Ends

Innovative and advanced designed crossbars accept replaceable spring steel clips. Clips lock in to position and can easily be removed and replaced for maximum versatility. For use in Powder Coating, Liquid/Wet and E-Coating Applications. The spring tempered clips have excellent retention capability for holding parts that can not be hung by traditional hooking methods, especially parts with lips but no holes and aluminum extrusion profiles. Bars are stocked with 2” hanging centers in 30”, 40” and 48” lengths. Custom lengths and spacing are available by special order.

Minimum of 25 Crossbars per order. Custom quantities available. Please call for pricing.

  • W-BAR-No Ends Made from 15 gauge steel with on center clip positions of 2”. Accepts W-Clips shown on this Web site. Bars are stocked in 30”, 40”, and 48” lengths. Custom lengths available upon request.


W-BAR-No Ends Prices

Part Number Description 25 50 100+ Qty
W-Bar-30-1 30"L Crossbar with No Ends $12.75 $12.50 $12.25
W-Bar-40-1 40"L Crossbar with No Ends $15.00 $14.40 $13.82
W-Bar-48-1 48"L Crossbar with No Ends $17.00 $16.32 $15.67
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