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MightyHook Store - Crossbar - Arrow Crossbar - ARW-BAR-No Ends

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Brand new and unique, the Mighty Hook Arrow Bar™ is engineered to hang both lightweight and heavy products that cannot be held securely held by conventional hook/hanging methods in powder coating, liquid coating and e-coating applications. Durable and engineered with a low profile, the laser cut arrow design allows for hanging from a variety of contact areas. The angle design virtually eliminates tilting or swinging of the part during finishing and gravity essentially locks the product on. The Arrow Bar™ is designed with an alternate forming pattern that allows products to be held on both sides of the crossbar and can be customized to fit any existing racking system. Stocked in 3 lengths; 25”, 30” and 40” lengths and designed with standard 2”alternate spacing for maximizing density. Arrow Bar™ concept can also be custom manufactured for specific applications. Minimum of 25 crossbars per order. Custom quantities available. Please call for pricing.

  • ARW-BAR-No Ends Made from 10 gauge steel with 2” alternating spacing. Bars are stocked in 24”, 30”, and 40” lengths. Custom lengths and custom spacing available by special order.


ARW-BAR-No Ends Prices

Part Number Description 25 150 400 Qty
ARW-Bar-24-12 24" W 12 point Arrow Head Cross Bar - 1" Spacing Alternate Sides $6.49 $5.97 $5.60
ARW-Bar-30-15 30" W 15 point Arrow Head Cross Bar - 1" Spacing Alternate Sides $7.23 $6.76 $6.28
ARW-Bar-40-20 40" W 20 point Arrow Head Cross Bar - 1" Spacing Alternate Sides $8.29 $7.71 $7.29
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