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Vented Flangless Plug

The Vented Flangless Plug's advanced design, with a vent at the top of the plug, eliminates pressure from building up between the plug and the part.(Up to 600° F) The improved flange design makes it perfect for masking lead threads and it's tapered shape is flexible for masking multiple diameters. The vented flangless plug is also designed to reduce paint buildup between the plug and the part.


Vented Flangless Plug Prices

Part Number Description 1 Box Qty
VFPM-1 Sm. Diameter 0.145" Lg. Diameter 0.280" Length 0.80" Fits M6/M8 Color: Yellow
Box Qty: 500
VFPM-2 Sm. Diameter 0.305" Lg. Diameter 0.412" Length 0.80" Fits M10/M12 Color: Red
Qty: 500
VFPM-3 Sm. Diameter 0.480" Lg. Diameter 0.585" Length 0.80" Fits M14/M16 Color: Green
Box Qty: 250
VFPM-4 Sm. Diameter 0.600" Lg. Diameter 0.718" Length 0.80" Fits M18/M20 Color: Black
Box Qty: 100
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