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Conical Pull Plug With Tab

Push the conical plug into the thread ao that the surface of the plug is at the level of the surrounding surface. This eliminates the forming of paint ridges when the item is being unmasked.

Recommended for use in Powder Coating, Liquid Coating, E-Coating, Anodizing and Plating. The plug will withstand 600°F (350°C). The high-grade silicone product is re-usable, will not migrate, melt or harden. Please contact us to request a sample oor inquire about custom or other non-listed sizes.


Conical Pull Plug With Tab Prices

Part Number Description Price per Box Qty
GKS 03 Color: Pink; Major Dia: 0.110, 3 mm; Fits: M3; Length 3.0; Box Qty: 1000 $27.00
GKS 04 Color: White; Major Dia: 0.142; Fits: M4; Length: 0.157, 4.0 mm; Box Qty: 1000 $29.00
GKS 05 Color: Green; Major Dia: 0.181 IN, 5 mm; Fits: M5; Length: 0.197 IN, 5.0mm;
Box Qty: 1000
GKS 06 Color: Blue; Major Dia: 0.217 IN, 6 mm; Fits: M6; Length 0.236 IN, 6.0 mm;
Box Qty: 1000
GKS 08 Color: Yellow; Major Dia: 0.291 IN, 7 mm; Fits: M8; Length: 0.315 IN, 8.0 mm;
Box Qty: 1000
GKS 10 Color: Rusty; Major Dia: 0.358 IN, 9 mm; Fits: M10; Length: .0394 IN, 10.0 mm;
Box Qty: 1000
GKS 12 Color: Red; Major Dia: 0.425 IN, 11mm; Fits M12; Length: 0.394 IN, 10 mm;
Box Qty: 1000
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